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Lebanon DUI Attorney- Jeremiah Denslow

If you’ve been charged with drinking and driving in the Lebanon Ohio area and you’re searching for a Lebanon DUI Attorney, ask yourself the following five questions:

      1. Do you like the idea of being represented by an experienced Lebanon DUI attorney instead of an attorney who handles just a few DUI cases every year?

2. Do you like the idea of being represented by a Lebanon DUI attorney who has been  recognized by groups like the National Advocacy for DUI Defense, Super Lawyers, the National Trial Lawyers, and DUI Attorneys.net?

3. Would you prefer a Lebanon DUI attorney who concentrates his practice on DUI defense instead of a DUI lawyer who also handles cases in domestic relations, personal injury, estate planning, and child custody?

4. Would you want your Lebanon DUI attorney to set a limit on the number of cases he accepts so that he can give each case the necessary time and attention that it demands?

5. Do you like the idea of being represented by a Lebanon DUI attorney who has a history of getting the majority of charges against his clients reduced or dismissed?

If you answered yes to each of those questions, you’re in the right place. Jeremiah Denslow is one of the top Lebanon DUI attorney who handles DUI cases in Warren County and other courts across Ohio. His Lebanon DUI defense practice gets successful results by relying on a very simple formula: (a) a concentrated focus and dedication to DUI defense; (b) a concentrated focus and dedication to Ohio courts; and (c) a concentrated focus and dedication to limiting the number of clients he accepts.If you think about it, it’s no wonder he gets results. His DUI practice is extremely focused on drinking and driving and he accepts fewer clients than most other Lebanon DUI attorneys. That means each client gets more time and attention, their cases get analyzed more thoroughly and clients are generally happy with the results of their case.

Lebanon DUI Laws and DUI Penalties

Let’s look at the basics of Lebanon DUI defense by first answering the question “what is a DUI?”  Any Lebanon DUI attorney can tell you that DWI (driving while impaired), OVI (operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs) and DUI (driving under the influence) are common phrases people use when discussing the law that prohibits drinking and driving in Lebanon and other cities across the state of Ohio.  The law makes it illegal to drive or otherwise operate a vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs. The law also prohibits people from drinking and driving, even when not impaired, when their BAC (blood alcohol content) is 0.08% or higher, also called a per se Lebanon DUI violation. For heavy drinkers, Ohio law has a more serious DUI charge often referred to as a super DUI, where a Lebanon DUI driver has a blood alcohol content of 0.17% or higher.

A Lebanon DUI is considered a fairly serious charge that carries fairly serious penalties if the driver is convicted. For example, a Lebanon DUI carries mandatory jail time ranging from 3 days up to a maximum of 180 days, even for a first-time DUI offender. A Lebanon DUI also carries a mandatory driver license suspension up to a maximum of three years and a monetary fine that can top $1000. In addition, Lebanon DUI courts can require a defendant to complete a drug/alcohol assessment and enter into an in-patient treatment program depending on the results of the assessment.  A Lebanon DUI court can also require a defendant to attend AA classes and other twelve-step programs.

These are but some of the potential penalties for first-time Lebanon DUI defendants. For DUI defendants who are on a second or third DUI in a six-year period, the penalties are much more severe—jail sentences up to one year, fines up to $2750, and a DUI license suspension that can last up to ten years. For a felony DUI in Lebanon Ohio, defendants can be sentenced to years in prison, fined over $10,000 and have their driver license revoked for life. Fortunately, the penalties discussed above only apply to drivers who are convicted of a Lebanon DUI. A good Lebanon DUI attorney may be able to prevent a conviction from happening, depending on the facts and circumstances of the case. That being said, it’s important to recognize that even the best Lebanon DUI attorneys can’t beat every case. If you are facing DUI charges in Lebanon or the surrounding areas, contact a top Lebanon DUI attorney to see what he thinks about the case. Maybe you have a case that should be reduced to a minor traffic violation, or better yet, dismissed entirely.

Message from Jeremiah Denslow, Cincinnati and Lebanon DUI Attorney

Lebanon DUI AttorneyHi. I’m Jeremiah Denslow—a Cincinnati and Lebanon DUI attorney who practices in all Warren County DUI courts. If you were caught drinking and driving, you’re probably scared, anxious and seeking assistance. Please look through my website to obtain comprehensive information on Lebanon DUI charges, Lebanon DUI defense strategies and Lebanon DUI attorneys. In addition, please don’t hesitate to call me anytime. My number is 513-268-4000 and I try to answer every call, no matter what time it comes in. As a Lebanon DUI attorney, I’d like to answer your questions and tell you how I’ve helped other clients facing DUI charges just like you. Please keep in mind, I handle DUI cases in Lebanon and any other Ohio court.

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Client Reviews for Jeremiah Denslow, Lebanon DUI Attorney

Five out of five stars on Google for Lebanon DUI attorney, Jeremiah Denslow: With over 15 years of experience, Jeremiah Denslow is an excellent DUI attorney that I highly recommend. Jeremiah is very professional, courteous and conscientious about his work. Unlike other attorneys who claim to have several fields of expertise, Jeremiah focuses on only DUI defense. Jeremiah’s focus just on DUI defense allows him to stay on top of the rapidly changing laws and get RESULTS!! Definitely call Jeremiah for any DUI related problems; you want him on your side!!

Five out of five stars on Google for Lebanon DUI atorney, Jeremiah Denslow: Jeremiah is the go to DUI defense attorney anywhere near Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus. If you want results, he’s the guy you should call first.

Five out of five stars on Avvo for Lebanon DUI attorney, Jeremiah Denslow: Jeremiah is a terrific DUI lawyer. As a former Ohio assistant prosecuting attorney, he has a tremendous amount of experience. I felt confident when I chose him as my Dayton DUI lawyer because he was ranked highly online and recognized by Super Lawyers, AVVO and the National Advocacy for DUI Defense. All that, yet he has proven to be better than advertised. I am extremely pleased with my decision to hire him.

Five out of five stars on Google for Jeremiah Denslow, Lebanon DUI attorney: After speaking with a number of so-called “big name” criminal defense attorneys in Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio, I hired Jeremiah Denslow to handle a tough DUI case for me in Cincinnati. I made the decision based upon a number of factors: (1) Jeremiah has a better education and more focused experience than the other lawyers I talked to. (2) Jeremiah has been recognized as a top Ohio DUI lawyer by numerous attorney ranking organizations and websites. (3) Jeremiah gets most of the charges against his clients dismissed or reduced, and when he goes to trial, he usually wins. (4) Jeremiah seemed the most knowledgeable of all the attorneys I talked to and I felt extremely comfortable with him. Those are the reasons I hired Jeremiah and those are also the reasons I would recommend him to others. If you have an Ohio DUI case, call him to discuss it. It won’t take long for you to understand what I’m talking about. By the way, the DUI charges in my case were both dismissed. Thanks Jeremiah!

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Peer Reviews for Lebanon DUI Attorney, Jeremiah Denslow

From a DUI attorney on Avvo for Lebanon DUI attorney, Jeremiah Denslow: I highly endorse Jeremiah’s skills in representing DUI and DWI clients. If ever needed, he would be the attorney I would use

From a criminal defense lawyer on Avvo for Lebanon DUI attorney, Jeremiah Denslow: I endorse this lawyer. As past president of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (OACDL), I strongly recommend Jeremiah as a highly qualified attorney in criminal and DUI defense. He has solid credentials, a wealth of experience and he always fights for his clients. He has a 10.0 AVVO rating and is a 2013 Super Lawyer Rising Star. Jeremiah is a tremendous advocate and I give him my strongest endorsement in the field of criminal defense.

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DUI Courts in Lebanon Ohio and the Surrounding Areas

There are many courts in southwest Ohio that handle Lebanon Ohio DUI cases, including Lebanon Municipal Court and Warren County Municipal Court. Most Lebanon DUI cases will be in Warren, Butler, Hamilton, Montgomery, Clermont or Greene county. To determine which Lebanon DUI court will process your DUI case, simply look at the citation,  indictment or BMV 2255 form. If you didn’t receive any of those from the arresting officer, figure out which Lebanon Ohio area police department issued the DUI citation. Once you obtain that information, you can contact the police agency and ask them in what court the DUI will be handled. You can then navigate to the website for the appropriate Lebanon DUI court. Once on the court’s website, you can typically perform a records search by typing in your name in the search box. You should closely review the DUI court’s online file to determine the specific charges against you, upcoming court dates, and any documents your Lebanon DUI attorney has filed, assuming you’ve retained one.

Following is a compilation of southwestern Ohio courts that handle Lebanon DUI cases, grouped by county:

Lebanon DUI courts in Warren County Ohio

Warren County Court in Lebanon, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Warren County Common Pleas Court in Lebanon, Ohio (Felony DUI)


Franklin Municipal Court in Franklin, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Lebanon Municipal Court in Lebanon, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Mason Municipal Court in Mason, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Lebanon DUI courts in Butler County Ohio

Fairfield Municipal Court in Fairfield, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Hamilton Municipal Court in Hamilton, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Middletown Municipal Court in Middletown, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Butler County Area I Court in Oxford, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Butler County Area II Court in Hamilton, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Butler County Area III Court in West Chester, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Butler County Common Pleas Court in Hamilton, Ohio (Felony DUI)


Lebanon DUI courts in Montgomery County Ohio

Dayton Municipal Court in Dayton, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Kettering Municipal Court in Kettering, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Miamisburg Municipal Court in Miamisburg, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Montgomery County Common Pleas Court in Dayton, Ohio (Felony DUI)


Montgomery County Municipal Court in New Lebanon Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Montgomery County Municipal Court in Huber Heights, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Oakwood Municipal Court in Oakwood, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Vandalia Municipal Court in Vandalia, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Lebanon DUI courts in Hamilton County Ohio

Hamilton County Municipal Court in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Hamilton County Common Pleas Court in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio (Felony DUI)


Lebanon DUI courts in the Clermont County Ohio area

Clermont County Municipal Court in Batavia, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Clermont County Common Pleas Court in Batavia, Ohio (Felony DUI)


Lebanon DUI courts in Greene County Ohio

Xenia Municipal Court in Xenia, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Fairborn Municipal Court in Fairborn, Ohio (Misdemeanor DUI)


Greene County Common Pleas Court in Xenia, Ohio (Felony DUI)


Jeremiah Denslow is a Top Lebanon DUI Attorney

An experienced Lebanon DUI attorney knows that no DUI arrest is perfect. Most Lebanon DUI arrests and prosecutions include a number of witnesses, including law enforcement officers and the individuals who collect, test and store blood, breath and urine samples.  An experienced Lebanon DUI attorney also knows that these witnesses are human and they make mistakes. Further, Lebanon DUI investigations include a breath testing device or other testing equipment that is not always maintained according to current Lebanon Ohio DUI law and regulations.

There are over 1 million laws in the United States. I am a top Lebanon DUI lawyer who focuses his practice on just a few–DUI and criminal defense. Because of my focus and experience, I know the Lebanon DUI laws better than most attorneys in Ohio. I am a passionate Lebanon DUI attorney and I get results, however, I don’t accept every case that comes through the door. If you’re serious about your case and want a top Lebanon DUI attorney to represent you, please call me at 513-268-4000.