The Police Use Many Techniques to Test
a DUI Suspect For Alcohol & Drug Consumption.

These Tests Typically Include Standard
Roadside Field Sobriety Testing...

...Breath Testing, Urine
Testing and Blood Testing.

I Use a Number of DUI Defense Strategies that Can
Mitigate Evidence Obtained Through These Tests.

These Strategies Can Also Help to Get
Your Case Dismissed or Reduced.

Find Out How Below...

Urine Testing

Ohio DUI/OVI Charges Based Upon Urine Testing

If an Ohio Police Officer, Sheriff’s Deputy or State Highway Patrolman suspects a driver is impaired, he may ask the driver to submit to a DUI/OVI urine test. Typically, urine tests in DUI/OVI cases are used when the officer believes a suspect is under the influence of a controlled substance, rather than alcohol. DUI Urine testing in Ohio is often utilized as part of a Drug Recognition Evaluation (DRE). When testing for alcohol, if alcohol in the urine is .11 or greater the driver will be charged with a “per se” DUI/OVI violation. If the alcohol concentration is .238 or greater, the driver will be cited for “per se” DUI/OVI “high tier.” In addition, there are “per se” limitations on drugs in the urine, including marihuana (10ng), cocaine (500ng), heroin (2000ng), and many others.

If you have an Ohio DUI case, you should consider talking to a top Ohio DUI lawyer to see if he can get the case dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense. The penalties on these pages only apply to drivers who are convicted of DUI/OVI. An experienced Ohio DUI lawyer may be able to prevent that from happening.

Use and Accuracy of Urine Tests in Ohio DUI/OVI investigations

For a urine test to be administered, a urine sample is collected and stored in a glass container. The urine sample is analyzed using scientific techniques such as gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. The machine conducting the analysis calculates the concentration of alcohol and/or drugs in the urine sample and produces a printed result. The concentration of alcohol or drugs in the urine is not equal to the concentration of alcohol or drugs in the blood; that’s why the limits are different for blood and urine. A weakness in the use of urine testing is that alcohol or drugs typically remain in the urine long after they have disappeared from the blood and no longer affect the person’s ability to drive. In fact, for drugs like marihuana, what is found in the urine is often an inactive metabolite of the drug and not the active drug itself. In the scientific community, urine testing is considered to be far less accurate than blood testing. Since urinalysis is generally considered the least reliable technique for testing blood alcohol content, the best Ohio DUI/OVI lawyers understand how to challenge the results.

Admissibility of Urine Tests in DUI/OVI Cases In Ohio Courts

Despite the inaccuracy of urine tests, Ohio law continues to allow their use in DUI/OVI cases. However, there are limitations: (a) the urine sample must be obtained within three hours of when the suspected DUI driver operated the vehicle; (b) the sample must be analyzed according to methods approved by the Ohio Department of Health; (c) everyone involved in the testing procedure must follow established protocol for collecting, handling, transporting, testing and storing urine samples. While prosecutors are still allowed to use urine tests in Ohio DUI/ OVI cases, they are the least reliable of the three chemical tests (blood/breath/urine) and are no longer used in many states.

Common Mistakes in Ohio DUI/OVI Investigations

No Ohio DUI/OVI/drinking and driving arrest is perfect and the best Ohio DUI/OVI lawyers knows this. Most Ohio DUI/OVI investigations include a number of witnesses, including police officers and the personnel who collect, store and test chemical samples.  These witnesses are human and they make mistakes. Further, most Ohio DUI/OVI investigations include a breath testing device or other testing equipment that is not always maintained according to current Ohio DUI/OVI regulations.

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