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Learn More About DUI and College Students

Ohio college students who are charged with drinking and driving face more penalties than the average DUI/OVI defendant. Ohio college students under the age of 18 who are charged with DUI/OVI will face their charge in the county juvenile court. Possible consequences for these students include jail time at the juvenile detention center, probation, drug and alcohol treatment, alcohol awareness classes, a driver’s intervention program, Ohio DUI driver’s license suspension and various financial sanctions. If you have an Ohio DUI/OVI case, you should consider talking to a top Ohio DUI lawyer to see if he can get the case dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense. The penalties on these pages only apply to drivers who are convicted of DUI/OVI. An experienced Ohio DUI lawyer may be able to prevent that from happening.

College students charged with DUI who are over the age of 18 but younger than 21 will face the DUI charge in the local municipal court or county court where the Ohio DUI occurred. These students face possible penalties that include a possible jail sentence of up to thirty days, a fine of up to $250, an Ohio DUI license suspension that lasts anywhere from ninety days up to two years, and possible probation with drug/alcohol treatment.

Ohio college students charged with DUI who are over the age of 21 will face the standard DUI penalties as follows: (a) mandatory minimum of three days in jail up to a maximum of six months; (b) a mandatory minimum fine of $375 up to a maximum of $1075; (c) possible court-monitored drug and alcohol treatment; (d) mandatory Ohio DUI license suspension of anywhere from six months up to three years; and (e) possible Ohio DUI license plates and an interlock ignition device to be used while on probation or driving with court privileges.

In addition to the regular penalties associated with an Ohio DUI/OVI summarized above, Ohio’s college students often face additional consequences that arise under their school’s student code of conduct policy. If the student is cited for DUI/OVI, and the Ohio college or university finds out about it, the student will likely face the disciplinary process as part of the student code of conduct.

In Ohio, each college has their own student code of conduct and virtually all colleges allow the alleged student offender to participate in the disciplinary process. The possible sanctions that can result from an Ohio DUI/OVI conviction range from a formal reprimand to permanent dismissal from the college or university. College codes of conduct will generally get more punitive for each subsequent violation that occurs.

If you are a college student at one of the following universities, please click on the link to review the university’s procedures as they relate to DUI and the disciplinary process.

Common Mistakes in Ohio DUI/OVI Investigations

No Ohio DUI/OVI/drinking and driving arrest is perfect and the best Ohio DUI/OVI lawyers knows this. Most Ohio DUI/OVI investigations include a number of witnesses, including police officers and the personnel who collect, store and test chemical samples.  These witnesses are human and they make mistakes. Further, most Ohio DUI/OVI investigations include a breath testing device or other testing equipment that is not always maintained according to current Ohio DUI/OVI regulations.

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